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Q: How does MPM provide consistent pricing for my scrap when the market is always changing?
A: Our relationships with both domestic and overseas mills give us the flexibility to take advantage of movement and price.
Q: What types of materials do you take?
A: MPM takes all grades of paper, aluminum plates and all plastics.
Q: Does MPM buy old paper inventory?
A: Yes! MPM buys both sheet feed materials and rolls.
Q: Does MPM service accounts outside of Illinois?
A: Yes we do. MPM services accounts from San Diego to Boston.
Q: How often do you pick-up and do you operate on weekends?
A: MPM operates 6 days a week and can arrange for Sunday pick-ups if requested. We schedule pick-ups to meet the needs of our customers. Special pick-ups can be dispatched within 24 hours by our Customer Service department.
Q: Will the price I receive for my waste fluctuate?
A: Waste paper is a commodity and pricing will vary from time to
time based on the amount of waste paper on the market at any
given time.
Q: Do you supply the containers for my waste?
A: Yes, MPM provides a full range of containers from gaylord boxes and collapsible containers to black bin receptacles and spotted trailers dropped at your facility. We supply what you need.




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