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At MPM, superior customer service is the name of the game. We work daily with our customers to ensure that diligent and proper care is taken of their accounts. We closely monitor the recycling process so that everything runs smoothly and seamlessly. We want to make all your dealings with MPM helpful and pleasant.

Our experienced Customer Service Representatives will:

  • Coordinate and schedule pick-ups: operating same day service on request before 10:00 am including weekend pick-ups
  • Ensure that your facility is clean after pick-ups
  • Record and enter all data once the waste has been brought back to MPM
  • Process the payments back to the customer
  • Have management maintain and review customer records
    to ensure that each customer gets the best return on their paper waste

MPM provides the following services:

Paper and Metal Waste Collection and Removal

MPM will analyze your particular needs and design a plan that best suits your company’s individual output. MPM will collect and remove your waste paper, aluminum plates and old inventory of paper – rolls and sheet fed materials. MPM will supply you with the appropriate containers; from Gaylord boxes and collapsible containers to black bin receptacles and spotted trailers which we drop directly at your facility. MPM’s Dispatch Division aims for same day service and guarantees pick-up no later than the next day. MPM’s experienced staff will leave your shop clean and organized without interrupting your day-to day operations or production.


For many customers, developing a cohesive and efficient recycling process ultimately results in smoother overall operations. At Marcells Paper & Metal, we provide fast, professional and effective services that alleviate the stresses surrounding recycling and allow you to concentrate on your core business.

MPM carefully grades and weighs collected waste at its state-of-the-art facility using a computerized scale system which meets the highest efficiency standards in the industry. Scrap is processed through our staging and sorting area where our staff carefully sorts the waste paper to eliminate contaminants. Waste is prepared for shipment by compacting and tying into neatly packed, mill specification bales. Bales are stored in our staging area – ready for mill shipment. MPM’s facility has immediate and adjacent rail service which makes moving waste across the country fast and convenient.

Secure Document Shredding

MPM offers professional and discreet collection of sensitive documents and files. MPM has added a dedicated site at our facility for the secure destruction of these materials.

Revenue & Marketing

MPM receives and offers competitive pricing on recyclable waste – paying you top dollar. MPM’s relationships with both domestic and international mills allows us the flexibility to take advantage of movement and price. MPM’s Brokerage Division has the ability to move materials from anywhere across the country. *For facilities with larger scale requirements, MPM offers recycling equipment to maximize your in-house capabilities. For more information – see our Equipment Section.

*For facilities with larger scale requirements, MPM offers recycling equipment to maximize your in-house capabilities. For more information - see our Equipment Section.





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